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Smoothbeam® Laser Treatments | Illinois Dermatology Institute

The Smoothbeam Laser is a 1450 nm diode laser that specifically targets the oil glands in the deeper levels of the skin, thus causing them to shrink and produce less oil. The surface of the skin is protected by a precisely programmed cooling spray.

This laser is specifically designed to treat sebaceous hyperplasias (enlarged oil glands usually on the face) and yields consistently satisfying results without scarring.  Acne scars are also improved because the laser stimulates new collagen production. Collagen is one of the building blocks, or scaffolding, of the skin and is decreased in atrophic scars. The new collagen formation helps to plump the skin in the treated area and push the scar up from underneath. The degree of improvement is usually 50-60%.

In general, 4-6 treatments are required for both acne and acne scarring, performed at intervals of 4 weeks. There is virtually no down time for a Smoothbeam laser treatment; the treated skin may appear red for 1 to 2 hours following the procedure. Finally, because the actual laser pulse may be somewhat painful, a topical anesthetic cream is available for application prior to the procedure.

Smoothbeam treatment before and after

Length of Treatment: 4 – 6 sessions
Price: $300-$600 per session, depending on areas treated
Covered By Insurance: No
Pain Factor: Moderate (topical anesthetic recommended)

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