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While sunken cheeks can be a sign of advancing age, it doesn’t mean that you can’t reverse course! At IDI, we offer effective treatments for addressing sunken cheeks and improving facial contouring, revealing a more youthful, vibrant you!


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What are Sunken Cheeks?

Very often as we age, our facial features appear to change. This is not due to any issues relating to the skeletal structure, but it is caused by two fundamental factors. Our skin loses elasticity, and the subcutaneous fat that makes us appear baby-faced and youthful dissipates. This often creates a more angular, sophisticated, high cheek-boned appearance after adolescence. However, as we age further and enter our late 30s and 40s, we can begin to appear tired and even unhealthy if our cheeks become noticeably hollow.

Sunken cheeks can be addressed via facial rejuvenation treatments designed to add youthful contours. Because hollow cheeks are the result of volume loss, restoring volume offers the most successful cosmetic outcomes. The most popular outpatient treatment is injectable fillers, also commonly called dermal fillers. These are targeted injections that might contain either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite, depending upon the brand of filler. They are naturally occurring compounds that have the benefit of facilitating collagen production, which helps keep the skin elastic and supple. The most popular dermal fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse.

However, while sunken cheeks are often merely a normal sign of aging, they can be indicative of a potentially serious medical disorder. If you have sunken cheeks and think that injectable fillers could be right for you, we encourage you to have a physical examination to rule out medical conditions that exacerbate hollow cheeks, like tuberculosis or lipoatrophy.

At IDI, we offer highly effective, customized cosmetic solutions for patients seeking to address signs of aging. To schedule a consultation, please contact us today.


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